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Abroad, private health insurance / coverage is absolutely necessary because you can not expect state benefits for foreigners here.


are individually changeable for you; for all customers under 65 years! All additional changes remain even with increasing age! So make sure you get it in time, preferably today!

health insurance

Protect what is most important to you: your health!

personal accident

We are there for you when you fall … and that worldwide

life insurance

You can protect your family effectively in the event of a case


Thailands insurance provide four different plans for clients

you decide


Abroad, private health insurance / coverage is absolutely necessary because you can not expect state benefits for foreigners here.

You can already decide today if you:

  • need the best possible medical care in case of illness, so also outpatient care and medication!
  • expect a single room in the hospital or prefer to be in the room with others,
  • want to end the life insurance higher to secure your survivors well, or just want to save something for the evening,
  • want to reduce their annual contribution through deductibles in case of illness,
  • a hospital daily allowance is important and, of course, the amount you will receive per day in the hospital case,
  • and how high you want to be covered by accident insurance!

The Numbers

Sustainable growth and increasing income levels continue to increase demand for insurance products.


insurance growth

Mio Policies

Mio Population

Extra building components

critical diseases
play it safe and use the building block “critical diseases” (41 different critical illnesses)

between 100,000 and 6,000,000 THB every year

between 16 and 64 years of age

Cancer protection

Building block options between 100,000 and 1,000,000 THB annually

Entry age between 16-65 years

Hospital allowance

Depending on the completion of this module FWD customers receive between 1000 THB and 10,000 THB daily

Entry age between 3 – 60 years


Outpatient daily coverage up to 30 times a year! Depending on insurance policy, outpatients receive between THB 600 and THB 3,000

Entry age between 6 – 64 years

Additional insurance

According to your budget, these modules can simply be incorporated into your FWD insurance policy! Optimal protection as you value it!

We care that you are fully informed, honest first-hand information ..

Contact us now to arrange a personal conversation!

frequently asked Questions

I received a card after my contract? For what i need this card?

This card is available once for the health insurance and once for the health insurance. Both cards show the details of your contract and will correct you for submission and free billing in the hospital network!

How do I pay my insurance contribution?
You usually pay the first contribution with the agent, who will explain how to pay with the barcode from your e-mail! Later you can also pay via bank or internet banking:

Thai Military Bank

Kasikorn Bank

Siam Commercial Bank

Bangkok Bank

Bank of Ayudhaya

Krung Thai Bank

Thanachart Bank

other payment methods via 7/11, BIG C, Tesco Lotus, Thailand Post, True

How much will an insurance cost me every year?
It depends on your age and on your budget! Let us advise you honestly and competently by our team!
Can I also pay my insurance monthly / quarterly / semi-annually?
That depends on the type of insurance! You can pay for health insurance monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually! The accident insurance is paid annually!
Can I cancel my insurance at any time? What if I have payment problems?
As soon as you no longer pay your contributions! Please note that a resumption to other conditions will be! Talk to your agent first! There are always some possibilities!
What i have to do to get a new check if a check has been lost, expired or not arrived?
Please always contact your agent first! He will clear everything for you as soon as possible! Of course, you can also contact Customer Service at 0-2632-6000! Note: keep your insurance card ready to provide all necessary data!
What must I do if there is claim abroad?
If possible, contact your agent or best insurance directly (contact details see card)! In any case, save all invoices and receipts, which you then have to submit later!
How can I work for this insurance?
That’s easy, just contact 09 444 0 2230

“30 Baht treats all diseases. But with us you are covered worry free. I promise to find the best solution for you and your family.”

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